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  • jiao7593v Забанен Добавлено Description
    Base on PET film, either coated with release agents like organic silicone on one side or double sides.PET release film has many natural advantages, such as Moisture Proof, Anti-Static and etc. Meanwhile,PET release film can be used in lots of places, such as being release paper for adhesive and protective film, also being ideal materials of die-cutting.
    Width : 950mm-1300mm
    Thickness : 16-125μm
    Release Values : easy, medium, tight
    Silicone technology : solvent - free, solvent
    1Die Cutting2Package Electronic Product3Adhesive Tape
    4Medicated Plaster5Heat Transfer Sticker6Etc.
    We have been researching the new technology and trying to produce the best PET release film. Besides, we have the efficient production control system also the professional customer service team.
    Packing and slitting
    Individual packing and slitting possibilities on customer's demand (reel width, linear meters per reel or sqm, core diameter)
    Free sample:
    Paper samples will be offered if customer want to test quality.
    GallerySheet PET Heat Transfer Film factory
  • jiao7593v Забанен Добавлено Our Factory
    Wuxi Xinfan Marine equipment Co.,Ltd,. is located on the bank of the famous Taihu lake with both beautiful scenery and transport facilities. After countinuous construction and development for more than 20 years, our company covers an area of 28000 square meters, construction area of 24000 square meters.
    Our Product
    The company now is engaged in the production of marine fittings such as doors, windows, covers, ladders, mooring fittings, lifting equipment such as crane and engine room crane and fire damper series.
    Our Certificate
    Our products have got the type approval of CCS, LR, ABS, BV, GL, KR, DNV, ZY, IRS and NK etc as well as EC.Our company has passed the approval of ISO9001-2000 and GJB9001B-2009.
    Production Market
    Our products are sold well in both domestic and foreign markets, such as Japan, Korea, Singapore, Indonesia and so on.A60 Hydraulic Watertight Door
  • jiao7593v Забанен Добавлено Wuxi Xindou Dyeing&Printing Machinery Co.,Ltd has been more than 30 years experience in the field of the textile finishing equipment manufacturing. Located in China’s Yangtza river detlata ecnomic zone——Manufacturing developed city of Wuxi. Covers an area of more than 20000㎡,the R&D personnel about 20, now has nearly 100 employees.
    Xindou has an abundant developing and researching force, advanced manufacturing equipments, exquisite processing technology, scientific quality guaranteeing system and with in 30years. We supply the service for customers in all over the world. As a family business, We have always advocated to keep mutual trust with our customers, long-term, good relations.
    We are prouded of our staff, they are responsible and working hard. It is our staff who consolidate and enlarge our success.
    Xindou insists to use minimal enery consumption to achieve the highest performance and quality, masterly technology and our goal is to provide what can help you to highlight the competitive advantage in the idustrial of technology.

    Impregnation coating machine factory
  • jiao7593v Забанен Добавлено Product Features:
    1. Product Introduction
    SPU, never stop upgrading through innovation
    Not all ideas can become innovative, ju st as not all the names called "Silicon PU" are real "silicon PU".
    Innovation and upgrading PU is no longer limited to improve and enhance the quality, but to do more professional, more suitable for sports elastic sports surface.
    SPU Runway series, based on a more environmental , more professional, more stable, more convenient and effective market demand for tailored, breaking the contradiction between the athletic and sports protection in the new national standard for plastic runway.
    2. Features
    Stable Consistent Rebound
    Effective Shock Absorption
    Outstanding Skid Resistant
    Facilitate Movements in Changing Direction
    1)Comfort;the basketball court floor is very comfortable to play on compared to the commonly used hard court solutions.
    2)Safety; with its renown, aclylic top finish with its well-balanced friction/sliding properties, the Comfort Court offers safety for the players at all time.
    3)Seamless design; 70% of all floor failures start with a seam; so, no seams, no problems.
    4)Closed surfaces; No dirt or bacteria can penetrate the floor; very easy to clean, very hygienic.
    5)Multisport use; The floor surface makes it suitable to play all kinds of ball games, including tennis, basketball, handball, football or netball. seamless outdoor flooring silicon pu basketball court
    6)Every design is possible; Including using more colors in one floor or inserting a sports club logo in the floor.
    7)Excellent UV resistance; This ensures a surface with the same appearance for years and years after installation.
    8)Resistant; silicon PU Comfort basketball Court is resistant against cigarette burns and many common chemicals.
    9)Easy to repair; When the floor is damaged, it can be repaired seamlessly.
    3. Applications
    SPU sports court materials for indoor and outdoor basketball court,table tennis games floor,gym floor and playground
    4. Factory and Production
    5. Shipping and Packing
    6. FAQ
    1) Are you manufacturer or trader?
    We have two major production bases,one in Nanjing and the other in JiangMen,and the laying area of our materials is more than ten million square meters per year. For all the products we produce by ourselves and with our own logo. Welcome to visit our factories if interested.
    2) What kind of certificate you have?
    We have certificate of RoHS,ISSS,CE,ITF2,ITF5,IFFF, ISO9001 and ISO14001,SGS, ASG,etc and can export our products all over the world.
    3) What is the installation method?
    a. We can offer you installation instructions, you can fix by yourself.
    b. We can arrange technical worker to teach you how to installation skill.
    c. You can come to visit our factory to and learn from our technician.
    4) What is the features and ad
    Silicone PU is a new generation of sports flooring material,It is single-component polyurethan and has a feature of hard top and soft down to protect the athletics from hurt when doing sports. Silicone PU materials can install on the concrete or asphalt base directly. It is no smell, harmless, suitable for both indoor and outdoor flooring.
    5) Is your products safe and enviroment friendly?
    Yes, Our products are safe and quality assured. It is harmless and non-toxic.wholesale Silicone PU Flooring
  • jiao7593v Забанен Добавлено 1. Main Machine Features
    1. Cutter use 30 pcs straight knife
    2. Feeding and rewinding device with 3 inch air shaft and magnetic powder tension controller.
    3. The machine color is white and polishing neatly.
    4. Double-faced diamond with grinding and sharpening system, the grinding wheel life is up to two years. Sharpening without disassemble with long life.
    5. Importing precise ball screw and slides, paralleled promoting the cutting width, importing AC motor step-less adjustment system to adjust and control the cutting speed, high-precise cutting, and the accuracy can be controlled within 0.1mm.
    6. Can cutting several kinds of width, making the operation more simple and convenient;
    2. Application
    The non-woven slitting machine can slitting BOPP, PET, CPP, PVC etc and other plastic films. Also can slitting non-woven fabrics.
    3.Technical Parameter:
    Slitting Width20-1600mm
    Slitting Speed90-150m/min
    Power Supply380V/220V 50Hz
    Total power3KW
    Overall Size2400x1600x950mm
    4.Final product
    Fine quality management pay attention to every detail of the equipment manufacturing process
    We have established stringent spare parts quality management standards, some key spare parts use well-known foreign brands to ensure he high performance of each machine, low figure rate, durability, simple and convenient operation and maintenance, every detail from the customer’s consider the angleChina Nonwoven Fabric Slitting Machine suppliers
  • jiao7593v Забанен Добавлено J-92 Type Fuse
    Scope of application
    Type and meaning
    Product parameter specification
    Outline and installation
    Technical Data
    Rated voltage:415V AC
    Breaking capacity:80KA
    Function grade:gG /gL/gtr/aM/gM
    400A Fused cut-out for pole or wall mounting c/w M12 coach screw.
    Structure Feature
    Vandal resistant tough design, using our own formulation of GRP.
    Slide fit front cover for ease of jointing.
    ‘Easy fit’ studs accept cable sockets(lugs) up to 300mm²。
    Designed to accept standard ‘J’ type fuse links
    Fully compliant with the requirements of BS 7656:1993
    Fully meeting the design criteria of IP43
    Fuse links
    This fused Cut-out is designed to accommodate standard wedge type fuse links
    to BS88 PART 5:1988.Tested and approved for category of duty 415AC80.
    Fixing centre requirement is 82mm.
    Standard fuse link rating range from 20A to 400A.
    High Performance Teamwork
    The activity of people-oriented mechanisms, forging efficient, innovative and pragmatic team!
    Welcome customers to contact and visit company
    This class is recommended
    J Type Fuse suppliers
  • jiao7593v Забанен Добавлено Steel Pail Production Line
    This machine is used for processing the 16-20L steel pails. It changes the multiple traditional single-station processing machines into a whole one. This design can save the space of factory greatly, and can reduce the cost of electricity consumption greatly.

    Production Capacity22 cans/ minTotal Power13.75kw
    Power Consumption9kw/hlength*width*height2700*1400*2300 mm

    Original: Yixing, China
    Warranty: 1 year
    MOQ: 1 set
    Pure mechanical structure can break all unstable factors of the traditional hydraulic cylinder caused by oil temperature, air temperature, sealing element, solenoid valve and so on.
    The adjustment of cone expansion is controlled by the power-plant turbines. It makes changing the processing varieties faster and more convenient. The adjustment of can bodies’ curling is controlled by the EXLAR, which can help adjust the height of the curling and make it accurate.
    This machine has a 10-inch touch screen and it is operated easily. It also has ergonomic design with its memory function.

    Conventional hydraulic equipment + manipulator VS Assembly production line
    Conventional hydraulic equipment + manipulatorAssembly production line
    Occupied area16.4m*2.2m=36.08㎡11.5m*1.36m=15.64㎡
    Power consumption/ hour30.4kw17.15kw
    Average production capacity12-18 sets/min20-22 sets/min
    Adjustment of can body& timeManually 20min intelligent electrical control
    2 min
    Operators’ requirementsHave a certain experienceCommon operators are available.
    Deviation protection of can bodies’ positionNoYes
    If you need to adjust the machine, for the difference of the thickness and rigidity of can bodies’ material?YesNo

    Ø Provide the technical design and solutions;
    Ø Professional technical training and guidance on site according to the contract;
    Ø Tele-technical consulting and services;
    Ø Other special technical services according to client’s requirements.

    1. Why choose our factory?
    Our company has advanced production equipment and strong technology. The producing process is under strict management in quality. Our products are sold around the world and highly thought of since excellent quality and perfect service at home and abroad.
    2. What advantages are for our products?
    High efficiency, energy saving and good quality.
    3. What advantages are for us?
    Reasonable price and best services, advanced equipment and strong technology.
    4. How to order?
    Do not hesitate to contact by online or Email as soon as possible once you are interested in our products. The specific quotation will be offered basing the request dimension and quantity.Steel Pail Making Line
  • jiao7593v Забанен Добавлено Pvc white special chevron conveyor belt with sliding guides inclined conveying PB-W30
    There are family companies all over of China and professional team,then we will be providing the best price and quality for you.There are over 150 employees;annual output value above USD15 million;over 20000m² area;3 family factories in Xiamen, Tianjin and Suzhou, and 6 family office separate in Guangzhou, Fuzhou, Wenzhou, Zibo, Wuhan, Nanchang cities which is all belong to Ximen XinBex Factory&Trade co.,LTD
    Looking forward your inquiry.conveyor types
  • jiao7593v Забанен Добавлено ◆Our History
    Xinbao is a manufacturer of Fishing game machine,VR equipment,Arcade game machines,Kid’s game machine,etc.. With well-equipped testing facilities and strong technical force. With a wide range, good quality, reasonable prices and stylish designs.Our products are popular and widely recognized and trusted by users.
    We welcome new and old customers from all over the world to contact us for future business relationships and mutual success.
    ◆Our Factory
    Guangzhou XinBao Electronics Tech. Co., Ltd is located in the world's largest amusement, recreation production base -- Panyu district,Guangzhou City. It is a electronic entertainment equipment company that integrates R&D, production and sales. Products covered by fish game machine, VR equipment, arcade game machines, kid’s game machine, vending machine, etc..
    Our factory currently covers an area of more than 2,000 square meters, with independent production workshops and product showrooms.All products have undergone rigorous testing and are perfectly presented to our customers, freeing them from the after-sales problems!
    Our company has gathered a group of highly qualified and powerful management and technical high-quality talents, and has passed ISO9001:2008 international quality management system certification, internal management through the MRP information management system for standardization and communication.
    Excellent product quality, competitive price advantage, rapid market response and perfect after-sales technical services have established our company's excellent competitiveness in the electronic entertainment industry!
    ◆Our Product
    Fishing game machine,VR simulator,Vending machine,Arcade game machine,Kid’s game machine,Gift game machine
    ◆Product Application
    Amusement park,Game center,Children’s park,Shopping mall,Store,etc..
    ◆Our Certificate
    CE certification
    ◆Production Equipment
    Our company has five production lines, advanced processing equipment and strong technical force.Mainly produces various models of VR,fishing game machine and others amusement machines,etc..Products have reached national environmental standards.
    ◆Production Market
    With the continuous development and growth of our company, it has obtained the production license issued by the state and passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification.Products are sold in major cities in China and exported to Southeast Asia, North America, South America, Middle East, Europe and other international markets.
    ◆Our service
    7*24 hours service available!Pre-sales,let customers know our products clearly,such as function, design, performance,etc..And solve all questions about our products for customers.
    On-purchase service,will try to match customer's demand for the order's shipping, payment methods,and others requirements.
    After-sales service,will provide 1 year long warranty.Solve after-sales problems for customers online and offline.If the product has quality problems, promise to replace it for free.Ocean King 3 Plus Lion Avengers Fishing Game Board suppliers
  • jiao7593v Забанен Добавлено Ductile Iron casting Housing Flange introduction:
    The figure as shown is Flender's 3542 housing flange,which has a complicated structure and a very high requirement for process design of casting. ach piece is performed with NDT test,it needs impact of low temperature up to -20℃ and has a strict requirement for impact toughness.The 3542 box flange is one of the wind power flange used in the early west gate.
    Weight1.5 tonsdrawing No.6087003
    White primer is used for the inner wall and red gray primer for the outer wall to prevent corrosion.
    Factory show:Wind Power Flange
    website: lange/